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What will be the return?

function aaa(){

    retrun { test: 1}


alert(typeof aaa());

JavaScript is case sensitive, and the keyword "function" must be all lowercase.

"++x+" will add one to the value of x after the assignment is complete.

Number ("5") - 4 == 1

(true + false + 1 ) > 3 + true;

What will be alerted?

function aaa(){
    var bb = "abc";
    var bb = 10;
    function bb(){}
    return bb;


Inside which HTML element should containthe JavaScript?

What will be alerted?

var x = [typeof x, typeof y][1]; 

alert(typeof typeof x);

What is the purpose of <noscript> tag in Java Script?

What is the correct syntax for referring to an external script called "xxx.js"?

How do you round the number 8.25, to the nearest integer?

What type of image maps could be used with Java Script?