Massive Focus on Wireless Backhaul

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B24 Backhaul Radio 

B24 is the industry's price performance leader in unlicensed 24 GHz backhaul. It can deliver up to 1.5 Gbps aggregate speed with latency under 1 ms. It's designed from the ground-up using high volume components providing incredible performance at a cost-effective price.

B5 Backhaul Radio

The highest capacity unlicensed 5GHz solution for short to mid-range link applications. Carrier-grade IP67 design for harsh conditions.

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C5c Backhaul and Client Radio

The lowest cost 700Mbps (PTP) and 500Mbps (PTMP) radio in the industry. Connectorized by design, the C5c mates with many popular antennas.

B5c Backhaul Radio

The industry's fastest connectorized unlicensed 5GHz solution. It can be used with virtually any antenna for long distance backhaul.

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